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English version of attack submarine ARA Santa Fe (S-21) in Grytviken

The "English version" of the attack Argentine submarine ARA Santa Fe (S-21) in South Georgia held on April 24, 1982 , accounts for the participation of six (6) helicopters Royal Navy: one (1) Westland Wessex HAS.3, one (1) Westland Lynx HAS.2 and four (4) Westland Wasp HAS.1.

also adds that jumped on the submarine, two (2) depth charges MK-11, one (1) MK-46 torpedo and no less than eight (8) AS-12 missiles, this in addition to the gun shots made against the sail. A story that seems exaggerated and that the assumed true, would suggest a miracle, pilot inexperience or failure of the weapon, given the limited destructive effect on the spacecraft Argentina (Although it was damaged and left out of combat would be expected with this type of attack that would have a total destruction).

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The detail given of the attack can be summarized as follows:

Helicopter: Westland Wessex HAS.3 "Humphrey"
Embarked on XS142: County class destroyer HMS Amtrim (D18)
Crew: Stanley and other .
Action: detects the submarine by radar and visually identified by attacking with depth charges.
Time: 4:55 / 5:00 a.m. .
Weapons used: Two (2) depth charges MK-11. Result of the attack
: submarine explosions to port.

Artist's showing the Westland Wessex HAS.3 XP142 'Humphrey' of HMS Amtrim trying to check the result of the release of the two deep cargs dropped on the submarine ARA Santa Fe (Illustrated by Author Unknown - Source: War Machines)

Helicopter: Westland Lynx HAS.2
Registration: XZ725
loaded at Type 22 Frigate HMS Brilliant (F90)
Crew: Barry Bryant Nick Butler .
Action: Attack submarine throwing one (1) torpedo MK-46. Also performs machine-gun fire.
Time: 5:05 a.m. .
Weapons used: One (1) MK-46 torpedo. One (1) 7.62 mm machine gun. Result of the attack
: The torpedo misses its target and is touring under the submarine under the water without exploding. Probable impacts on the sail gun. -------------------------------------------------
Helicopter: Westland Lynx HAS.2
Fee: Sailed
XZ729 in: Type 22 Frigate HMS Brilliant (F90)
Crew: John Clark and Paul McKay.
Action: Wholesale the submarine with firing ametralladora .
Time: 5:30 AM . Weapons
empleados: Una (1) of 7.62 mm ametralladora .
Attack result: Likely impacts of ametralladora in the candle.
------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Helicopter Westland Wasp HAS.1
inscription: XS527
Shipped in: polar ship HMS Endurance (A171)
Crew: Tony Ellerbeck and David Wells.
Shares Wholesale the submarine into three (3) opportunities, Yendi a su nave rearmarse on each occasion.
Time: +5:10 AM .
Weapons used: Six (6) missile AS-12 (two in each attack)
score of 1 attack: a missile damaged the wing occurs in pumps and sensors, the other is short for 30 meters.
Result of 2 nd attack: a first missile fails and diverted its course. The second drill aft fin and bursts into the sea.
score of 3 rd attack: a missile fails and must be detached. The following occurs in the wing, destroying bombs, antennas and periscopes.

artistic image that recreates the moment when the Westland Wasp XS527 HAS.1 of HMS Endurance Missile launches AS-12 on the submarine ARA Santa Fe (Painted by Daniel Bechennec - Source:
--------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------
Helicopter: Westland Wasp HAS.1
Registration: XS539
loaded at polar ship HMS Endurance (A171)
Crew: T . Finding and R. Nadin .
Action: Attack missile submarine.
Time: +5:10 AM .
Weapons used: Two (2) AS-12 missiles .
result of the attack: the first missile misses the target by 50 meters. The second occurs in the wing without exploding.

----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
Helicopter: Westland Wasp HAS.1
Registration: XT429
loaded at HSM Plymouth Type 12 Frigate (F126)
Crew: Joe Harper and Dransfield .
Action: Attack submarine with air-surface missile .
Time: +5:10 AM .
Weapons used: One (1) AS-12 missile . Result of the attack
: the missile makes impact on the water line in the submarine's starboard quarter, but apparently falls short.

's campaign XP142 Westland Wessex 'Humphrey' illustrated in the marks painted on the door of his cabin. Among evacuations of wounded (crosses), infiltration of SAS commands (daggers), and rescues several (Letter 3 followed by the number of rescued), emphasizes the silhouette and the name of the submarine Santa Fe to commemorate the attack carried out with depth charges it was vital to put out of action.
(Source: --------------------------------------

How short would have direct impact on the sub 4 (four) AS-12 missiles. But the two depth charges MK-11 that exploded on the port of Santa Fe caused the damage key to cancel your ability to dive. There were also impacts of shrapnel in the sail.

Falklands Air War. Open Editions Argentina. 1988. Volume 2. English version.


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